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Specializing in organic architecture, passive and active
solar and alternative energy conservation. Located in
Chicago, serving Illinois, the Midwest, and now California

812 W Van Buren St, Unit 2E, Chicago, IL 60607
phone: 773.929.2121
mobile: 773.502.2123


Our vision is to create buildings that are of the continuous present. That is to say buildings that are created out of social and spiritual concerns, using the human qualities of imagination, intuition, and inspiration, that are alive today.  We are interested in ideas that can be transformed into an Architecture that uses less energy than it produces, while simultaneously providing environments that support life in an effort to help our ecosystem. As Architects, we feel the necessity to find ways for buildings to promote and perform in ways that support a renewed environment within and throughout the buildings.


Howard Alan Architects has 30 years of experience as a design/build group.  The process of creating architecture is much like a composer who spends many years learning the sounds of the instruments and the techniques while evolving a deep sense of his/her culture before composing.

Our mission is to use our knowledge of construction, discover new ways to use materials that speak of the present and easily exist in the future. If we are to have a future, our buildings need to be built to last over time, able to be recycled and transformed to support new functions, and be extremely energy efficient.

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