January 22, 2009: Types of Passive Solar Architecture, Beverly Art Center, 111th & Western Av, Chicago, IL.

October 24, 2008: Passive Solar Design Presentation, Residential Green Building Seminar for Half Moon Seminars, Wheaton, IL

June 9, 2007: Friends of Kebyar Celebration of E. Fay Jones’ Architecture,
Fayetteville, Arkansas  Presentation of my work and discussion.

August 13, 2006: Illinois Renewable Energy Fair Organic Solar Buildings

March 9, 2005: Chicago Architecture Foundation Eric R. Multhjauf Lunchtime Lecture Series. Organic Solar Buildings

Several Lectures to Students @ the Art Institute School Interior Design  Passive Solar Architecture using slides of the construction of my studio.  Also 4 talks at my studio talking and demonstrating the wisdoms of Passive Solar Architecture.

Many Lectures @ the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair 1998 through 2004
Solar Architecture in the Urban Environment.

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