The program for the Chicago Public School included administration facilities, a reception foyer, health clinic, cafeteria, and gymnasium.  A raised, landscaped park, one level above ground, that housed the public functions of this kindergarten and grammar school, was featured in the competition entry.  The main class rooms are in a four story curving structure served by stairs and elevators. 


The three buildings housed under the clamshell- shaped roofs include a library, a sensory development laboratory, and a multi-purpose room, each having their own garden and access from enclosed passageways. 


Temporary parking to drop off children in inclement weather was provided under the kindergarten.  Access to both grammar school and kindergarten was by elevator.  Solar electric panels with battery storage would serve the elevators long enough to evacuate handicapped students during a blackout. 

All classrooms had abundant natural light and cross ventilation.  The kindergarten was covered by a row of clerestory lighting over a center indoor garden for awareness and education of how the natural world grows.


This building is designed to serve well during Chicago’s Midwest climate.

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