Photo Rendering of Roof Reconfiguration

A design to reshape the roof of a 2-1/2 story building to collect passive solar warmth and daylight by orienting the glazing to the south. This configuration will raise the ceiling height to a desirable height (present height is 7' at the center of the north-south ridge line.)



Existing Buildling


Proposed roof change



Wrecking the existing roof



Setting first truss



Roof formation with clear story windows in place



Zinc roof tiles complete


Nearly Completed South Elevation


Interior framing


1st Stage Insulation


2nd Stage Insulation


2nd Stage Insulation Complete


1st Stage Plaster on Metal Lath


1st Stage Plaster Layer Complete


2008 Winter Solstice Gathering

On January 15, 2009 @ 1:20 PM the outside temperature was -1 deg. F. Inside temperature:
Ceiling surface: 67.5 Deg F, wall surfaces 65.3 - 68.6 Deg F, floor surface 70 Deg F. The
only source of heat on this bright sunny day came up from the 2nd floor through the 3rd floor.




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