Designed in 1988, this energy-conserving, 15-story, 60 unit, live/work building with four penthouses uses a roof mounted device to direct daylight down into a 50' diameter interior atrium.


Natural ventilation is used by streaming outside air through louvered grilles at the base of the apartment complex into the atrium and out the registers at the top of the building. All living units have the ability of cross ventilation. The open interior atrium forms a place for people to meet and interact on the open ring passageway to their apartments. Other features include commercial occupancy at the ground floor, inside parking, and strategic placement of windows. Exterior walls are constructed from lightweight curved pre-windowed panels. A 100' x 200' property with access from two sides is necessary for the design shown. However, the concept can be reconfigured many different ways to integrate with other urban properties.


Section of building


Tower lobby floor plan


Typical floor plan


Rendering of Suntracker apartments

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