Are Electric Chainsaws Good?

Are Electric Chainsaw good

With advancements in technology, a human’s life has been made better and a lot easier than before. Imagine those days when one needed a handsaw or an axe to fell a tree with a diameter of  20” inches. But today, all you need is a chainsaw and enough source of power.

If it is your first time hunting for a new chainsaw, you will realise that there are several models in the market. Each brand manufactures its chainsaw with a unique design, but the operation is generally the same for every model. Chainsaws are categorised based on their source of power – electric and gasoline-powered.

The Difference: Electric-powered vs Gasoline-Powered Chainsaws

As earlier stated, the basic operation of both models is the same. However, the difference is how the chain is driven. A gasoline-powered chainsaw is fitted with a gas engine which provides the rotary motion. The electric-powered ones, on the other hand, have an electric motor that is either powered by a battery or an electric cable connected to the mains socket.

Because of the power generated by the gas engine, gasoline-powered chainsaws tend to be more powerful than their counterparts. Also, they are more durable even when consistently handling tougher projects. Therefore, before you spend your money, make sure that the chainsaw you’ve picked fits the projects you have.

The main drawbacks of gasoline-powered chainsaws include their weight and harmful emissions. The gas tank makes them heavier than electric chainsaws while the mixture of gasoline and oil is what leads to gas emissions. Electric chainsaws do not have a gas tank; therefore, they are lighter and with minimal emissions. They are also quite silent since they are driven by an electric motor.

Are Electric Chainsaws Worth the Money?

Given the praises that gasoline-powered chainsaws have received over the years, you might be wondering whether electric chainsaws are any good. Well, to answer your questions, you must know the intended purpose of the new tool. Are you going to fell huge trees or trim a few small branches around your home? Will the project take place deep in the forest or somewhere near a reliable power source?

Once you have these questions well-answered, you can now move ahead and decide whether the electric chainsaws are good enough for you. Therefore, in other words, the worth of an electric chainsaw will vary from one person to another. There are hundreds of models in the market, and every one of them is built with a specific task in mind. But like any other industry, there are several fake ones that might give you a bad first impression; so, watch out!

Now, a one-word answer to our question is; yes, they are worth the money. There are many features available in electric chainsaws that cannot be found in gasoline-powered ones. One advantage and the most important, is its simple operation. As a beginner, the best tool to start within the logging industry is an electric-powered chainsaw.

The process of starting, operating, stopping, and maintaining this chainsaw does not require a lot of experience. Unlike gasoline-powered chainsaws, you will not need to regularly check on it when you have no projects for long periods. Also, the lack of a gasoline reservoir makes them lightweight, which is ideal in some tasks.

However, do not be fooled by the weight of these electric chainsaws. Some of them generate enough cutting power despite weighing below 10 lbs. For instance, the Makita UC4051A can handle demanding jobs despite weighing under 12 lbs.

Corded or Cordless?

Electric chainsaws are divided into two; the corded and cordless ones. Again, each one of them has an advantage over the other. Therefore, before you make your final decision, it is important to understand their differences.

Corded or Cordless?

A corded electric chainsaw will require you to connect it electrical cord to the mains power socket. As you can already guess, this is a limitation because you cannot move freely from one tree to another. Also, with this electric chainsaw, you will need a reliable power source to be able to operate.

Please note that every chainsaw comes fitted with a motor that has its specific amperage rating. As such, you will need to consider the size of the extension cable before you complete your connection. If you use a thinner cable, the wires will overheat, and this might cause a fire. Thicker cables, on the other hand, may allow excessive drainage of current which could damage your motor.

Are Electric Chainsaws Worth the Money

A cordless chainsaw comes with a portable battery that powers the motor for a given period. Its main benefit is the fact that you can roam around the bush without having to worry about the length of your extension cable. However, the battery gives you a few minutes of cutting, after which you will need to recharge. Therefore, you have to decide whether to take breaks between tasks or buy a second battery to rotate with the original one.

Another disadvantage of using cordless chainsaws is their output limits. Because they are driven by a 20V or 40V battery, they tend to be less powerful than their corded counterparts. If you are looking for an electric chainsaw for tougher projects, I would recommend that you choose from the corded category.

The Verdict!

In conclusion, we can say that electric chainsaws are excellent at what they do. Most of them are meant for light tasks such as trimming and pruning. Their weight and environmentally-friendly design give them an edge over gasoline-powered chainsaws in some aspects. However, it is dependent on your intended purpose. If it is anything to do with hardwood and other heavy tasks, a gasoline-powered chainsaw might be your best option. Check out more of our chainsaw article to understand more on how to select the best chainsaw.

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