The Best Corded Electric Chainsaw

A corded electric chainsaw can be a deal-breaker to many people because of the limitations brought by the electrical cable. The power cord may seem like a leash, and one cannot work as freely as they would like. But these chainsaws can be very powerful, especially if you know how and when to use them. assume you are here because you already know the advantage of using a corded electric chainsaw. If you are a beginner, then I would recommend that you choose one of these chainsaws. Apart from their silent nature, they are less dangerous as compared to the gas-powered chainsaws.

Most corded saws are fitted with shorter bars – a maximum of 18”- making them suitable for cutting small branches. They are also easier to maintain than gasoline chainsaws.

Another reason why you might want to consider corded electric chainsaws is their price. They are cheaper than their cordless and gasoline-powered counterparts. However, you cannot pick any corded electric chainsaws out there and expect them to do the job. For that reason, we have compiled this guide to help you choose the best machine in the market at an affordable price. Let’s go!

  • Makita UC4051A Electric Chainsaw
Makita UC4051A Electric Chainsaw

One of the most powerful electric chainsaws in the market is the Makita UC4051A corded chainsaw. If you are looking for a lightweight chainsaw that can handle some of the heavy-duty tasks, then Makita UC4051A is your ideal choice. With a 16” bar length, this chainsaw has minimal vibrations during operation hence making it easy to handle. It is even much better with rubberized grip handles.

Another advantage of this corded electric chainsaw is the current limiter. This feature prevents flow of excess current to the motor hence preventing any related damages that could arise. You will have to part with at least $228 to secure this chainsaw. However, rest assured that its output is worth the money.

  • Greenworks 20332 Corded Electric Chainsaw
Greenworks 20332 Corded Electric Chainsaw

If you have been in the timber and logging industry long enough, you must be aware of this popular brand. Greenworks manufactures high-quality products, and the 20332 corded chainsaw is yet another proof of that. This electric machine comes fitted with a 14.5Amp motor and an 18” bar.

Greenworks 20332 also features an automatic oiler which has proven to be very useful since its invention. The tool-less tension adjustment system is another thing that makes this electric chainsaw worth your money.

  • Remington RM1425 Corded Chainsaw
Remington RM1425 Corded Chainsaw

Are you still looking for an ideal and pocket-friendly machine to cut those small saplings? Well, RM1425 is another product from the world-renowned brand, Remington, that can fit your needs. They say cheap is expensive, but RM1425 comes with expensive output at a fair price. Note, that this is only meant for small projects.

That said, it has an 8-Amp, 120-Volt motor that can only complete the intended purpose. It is quite lightweight, weighing only 6.2 lbs basically because it has neither a battery compartment nor a gasoline reservoir. The oil tank has a transparent window that allows you to check the level without opening the tank.

  • Worx  WG304.1 18” Chainsaw
Worx  WG304.1 18'' Chainsaw

One thing you will rarely find in a chainsaw is the combination of manoeuvrability, portability, lightweight, and ability to tackle tough jobs. Chainsaws used for such tasks are always heavy and sometimes complex to operate. Although it might not be too useful in some of the toughest projects, the Worx WG304.1 electric chainsaw combines these features in a unique design.

The 18” chain bar length enables the user to hold this machine without a lot of vibrations during the cutting process. This is further enhanced with a rubberised handle that ensures a perfect grip when operating. Worx WG304.1 is among the few best electric chainsaws that can handle heavy-duty applications with a lot of ease.

Also, it might interest you to know that WG304.1 is an environment-friendly machine. Apart from being silent, it has reduced emissions because you do not need to mix gasoline and oil. Therefore, if you are working in an area with strict environmental regulations, this is your perfect pick. 

With all its crucial parts being made of metal, you can expect a very durable electric chainsaw. The all-metal feature also helps ensure the stability of the machine. To make it even better, it comes with an automatic oiler. As such, you can concentrate on the work at hand without having to worry about the bar and chain lubrication system.

  • Greenworks 202222 Corded Chainsaw
Greenworks 202222 Corded Chainsaw

The Greenworks 20222 corded chainsaw is driven by a 9-amp electric motor that starts with ease. This lightweight machine (8lbs) with a compact design is one of the quietest chainsaws in the market. It also comes fitted with a 14-inch chain bar giving you the ability to trim and cut small-sized trees with ease.

Note that if you are planning to carry out heavier tasks that a general cleanup, you will need a more powerful chainsaw. However, when light chores are in question, Greenworks 20222 becomes an exceptional choice. With its tool-less tension adjustment system, you will not need to carry around your toolbox whenever you want to use the chainsaw.

One drawback, however, is the lack of a chain brake. This feature is significantly valuable whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner in the industry. Nonetheless, 20222 9.0-Amps is still one of the safest tools from the Greenworks brand. You can get your new Greenworks 20222 9.0-Amp chainsaw for only $62.36. We guarantee you that this will be worth the money provided you use it in the right way.

Final Words

If your tasks do not involve significant mobility, then these corded electric chainsaws can work for you. It has far more advantages over gasoline-powered ones, but its cutting power may limit you from other demanding jobs. Therefore, it is important that you assess your requirements before purchasing one.


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